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CNC Gold Engraving Machine – SP01:CNC Gold Engraving- SP01


The CNC Gold engraving machine with laser engraving is suited to make non-metal processing. It can be used for both milling and laser engraving application. Body with aluminium and plastic, small size, lightweight, easy to learn. Can use a carving knife, but also can use laser engraving. The machine provides a USB interface and GRBL Control.
The repeat positioning accuracy is within 0.1mm under no-load, usually is about 0.05mm. The laser is considered no-load. If used graver, the precision is depending on the hardness of the material. It can be used with CAM Design Software. It supports Windows XP SP3/7/8/10.

SPWL1530 Specification:

 Item                    Specifications
X Y Working Size 250mm*250mm
Z Working Size 80mm
Maximum Table Width 400mm
Maximum Table Length  400mm
Speed of Working 4000mm/min
Speed of Cutting Motor 6000 – 24000 rpm
Spindle Power 1500 watts
Tool Size 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Operating System Mach3/Nc Studio/DS
Diver Leadshine
Motor Leadshine stepper
Controller Fulling
Inverter Delta
File Format G-code
Resolution of software 0.01mm
Resolution of machine 0.05mm
Repeat accuracy 0.05mm
Voltage 220 v
Ball Screw Hiwin
Linear rail Hiwin
Optional Devices Rotary device