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CNC Fiber Laser SPL12 Fiber Laser:


SPL12 Fiber Machine Specification:

Model SPL12
Structure Iron Casting and Mild Steel Welded Heavy Structure
Working area 3000mm*1500mm/4000mm*1500mm/2000mm*1500mm
Laser Power 1Kw-10Kw
Controller Software Laser Cut
Focus Head RayTools
Electromagnetical Siemens
Motor Servo Motor
Transmission way Square Liner Rail
velocity of moment 0-50000mm/min
Laser Source Raycus/ IGP
Working precision 0.05mm
Power 3ph, AC440V10% / 50~60Hz
Compatible Software Corel Draw, Autocad
Cutting Thickness max-12mm Mild Steel, 5mm stainless steel,
Machine size 4600mmm*2460mm*1360mm
Package Wooden Box
Weight 2700 kg
Gas 1.Oxygen


1. Pipe Welding Bed, High temperature annealing  to reduce international stress and deformation.
2. Perfect integration of work table and bed, Knife directly mounted on the bed.
3. Stable Die casting beam- long life.
4. Exhaust Outlet push pull partition smoke, with upper and lower exhaust.
5. Installation of cutter blade dislocation insertion firm installation, not easy to loosen and fall off.


  1. Cutting Materal:Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium Alloy , Brass, Copper, galvanized steel, Silicon Steel Plate, Manganese Alloy.
  2. Rail Transit, Automobiles, Machinery, Elevator Manufacturing, Advertising machinery manufacturing and processing Industries.